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    When the vacuum degree is less than 1.333×10-1~1.333×10-6Pa , it is called high vacuum.The application range of High vacuum technology is very wide, mainly the following several aspects:
atomic energy industry: nuclear fuel components manufacturing.

1、the physical and chemical machinery industry: electron microscope (sem), surface analysis instrument and quality analysis instrument, particle accelerators.
2、metal materials industry: metal distillation, toughened degassing, vacuum induction melting, vacuum arc melting, electron beam welding, vacuum heat treatment, vacuum carburizing, ion nitriding, 3、3、carbon altogether permeability, vacuum sintering, vacuum helium pulverizing, vacuum nanometer metal powder.
4、electrical and electronic industry: tube, vacuum switch, vapor deposition, vacuum impregnation, phase dry.
5、the automotive industry: vacuum heat treatment, vacuum brazing, vacuum evaporation.
6、aerospace: vacuum simulation tank, the vacuum cabin.

Our company can provide the diffusion pump, high vacuum unit, vacuum simulation tank, high vacuum Chambers and pipeline(vacuum induction melting equipment chambers, vacuum arc melting equipment chambers, electron beam welding equipment chambers all kinds of vacuum chamber body),vacuum furnace, nano materials production equipment and other complete sets of equipment.


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