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    New material refers to using volumes of aluminium or copper (strip) as the main raw material, continuous coating a variety of specifications of the film system on metal surface with composite PVD process method under the condition of vacuum , changing part of the physical and chemical properties of the copper aluminum rolling (strip), making them become new material.Because the performance of copper-aluminum alloy is very stable,and it can not be corroded easily, so the surface can ensure long term stability after vacuum coating and other special plating treatment ,besides it has different functions by different treatment processes.

   This kind of new material is mainly used in building decoration materials, household appliances panel, food packaging, transportation, new energy, defense and other fields.
Building decoration materials: roof panel, top ceiling panels, honeycomb board, insulation board, elevator doors, shutter, aluminum curtain wall plate, cabinet panels, etc.
Household appliance materials: oil absorption, refrigerator, air conditioning, the refrigerator freezing chamber boards, lamp shade, reflective bowl, etc.
Packing: packed in cans, bottle caps, packing box, etc.
Transportation: trains, planes, ships box wall plate, van shell, the inner wall of the van, vehicle, etc.
New energy: solar absorption material, reflective material, etc.
The new materials production line designed by our company can provide a complete material demand solutions to above field and meet different application requirements.


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